Market Roundup for the week of 8/16/2020 to 8/23/2020


- Shares in AAPL continued their meteoric rise as they approach their share split. AAPL now trades at $503.53 at market close August 24th, 2020.

- The SP500 traded 1% above last week’s level, closing at 3,400 points last Friday

- President Trump held a press conference to announce a COVID-19 treatment at 5pm on Sunday, sending US futures higher at the open. Experts expressed skepticism at the studies used to support the new treatment.


- German bond yields edged slightly lower on both record supply and record demand.

- US 10Y treasury yields also drifted lower after mixed economic news. Bond prices are inverse to their yields

- The Fed signaled willingness to let inflation run above its 2% target before raising rates. This is a break from previous Fed policy or pre-emptively raising rates before inflation jumped.


- Gold continued its recent selloff, shedding 5% over the past week. Gold rises in value during risk off events and loses value during risk on events.

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